Mediation Services

Bertelson Law Office offers mediation services

For many, early intervention in a legal conflict protects both a client’s dignity and pocketbook. As a mediator, Beth Bertelson can help parties resolve disputes, providing control and closure on a difficult situation by avoiding the time and expense of a trial. As legal advocates practicing exclusively in employment law, we understand that employment conflicts can impact people physically, emotionally and financially.  We also understand that for companies, unresolved disputes generally fester into costly litigation, affecting employee morale and profits. At Bertelson Law Office, we understand employment disputes.  With expertise in employment law litigation and alternative dispute resolution, we will partner with you to resolve conflict early.  As an independent service, we will provide the perspective necessary to tackle the most difficult and systemic issues to save you time and money. For early conflict resolution services that are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Effective
  • Accessible
  • Proactive
  • Creative
  • Cost efficient
  • Independent

What people are saying about Bertelson Law Office  Mediation Services

“Definitely” would recommend Beth Bertelson as a mediator to others.

“Clearly knew how to handle tough mediation issues.”

“Clients like Beth.”

“Beth’s personal touch puts client at ease.”

“Mediation snacks were a nice touch.”

“Nice offices.”

“I don’t have much to say about how mediation could be improved by Beth. She is Good.”

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