Employment Law

Successfully navigating workplace concerns requires a good understanding of the law and legal environment, as well as a sincere desire to accomplish your goals and needs.

For over a combined 35 years, Bertelson Law Office, P. A. has successfully represented hundreds of employees with all types of workplace claims. Beth Bertelson and Andrea Ostapowich provide individuals with strong advocacy, extensive experience, and a commitment to personal service in the courtroom and in pre-litigation negotiations.

Pre-Litigation Negotiation, Severance, Separation and Other Employment Agreements:

Corporate decisions to downsize or reorganize have hit employees hard. Many employees who receive news of their termination are in shock and believe that the language in the separation agreement they received is standard and that all legal requirements must have been considered. However, each individual’s circumstances are different, making the reviewing attorney’s job crucial.

Bertelson Law Office has a successful history of reviewing, evaluating and strategically negotiating severance agreements, “buy-out packages”, executive agreements and non-compete agreements. We can help you assess whether the package you were offered makes sense considering the specifics of your employment. If the package you were offered does not seem reasonable or adequate, we may be able to help you to negotiate better terms. Our firm is skilled at recognizing if a package was offered because you were wrongfully terminated, and we can help you protect your right to file a discrimination claim when necessary. We accomplish this through a deep understanding of the law, knowledge of the subtleties of the negotiation process, and your goals.


Success in litigation requires knowledge of employment law along with a personal commitment to each individuals understanding of process including potential outcomes. Again, for over a combined 35 years, Bertelson Law Office has provided positive outcomes for individuals.

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