Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have a case for workplace discrimination – how do I go about contacting an attorney?

If you believe you are facing discrimination in the workplace, please contact us at +1 (612) 278-9832 to complete a free, brief (10-15 minute) intake interview with one of our attorneys. If we decide to take on your case, we will invite you into the office to meet with our team and discuss your options moving forward. We have over 35 years combined experience in employment law and are committed to preserving our clients’ integrity while pursuing their legal goals.

Is my contact with Bertelson Law confidential?

All contact from our initial phone inquiry onwards is confidential. However, please remember that any contact sent from a work email account or from a work phone may be monitored by your employer. If we agree to move forward with your case, we will provide further details on how attorney-client privilege works.

What does the process look like?

1. Intake Phone Interview (10-15 minutes) – determine case merit and compatibility

2. Initial Meeting (1 hour) – gather complete background, discuss client outcome goals, and develop initial strategy. Generally scheduled within a week of our initial interview.

3. Further Meetings and Legal Action (as needed) – Bertelson Law is a client-first law firm with extensive experience in employment law, committed to reaching the solution that best fits our clients’ needs. This solution may include litigation, mediation, and/or arbitration, depending on the individual’s case and circumstances. As legal advocates, we are aware that employment conflicts can impact employees physically, emotionally, and financially. We work tirelessly to advocate for our clients, while keeping them informed and involved in the process every step of the way.

Why Bertelson Law?

Bertelson Law provides a unique combination of personal service and assertive advocacy. We practice exclusively in the area of employment law and are able to provide you with knowledgeable and caring experience, making your individual needs and goals our priority. We listen to our clients, communicate challenges, and set realistic expectations for the process and potential outcomes. We stand by our clients every step of the way, incorporating you in every decision and getting authorization so that your needs are always at the forefront. Most

importantly, we get to know our clients well. Follow the links above for claim specific information or contact us at +1 (612) 278-9832 to discuss your potential claim.


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