Can I get unemployment benefits if I receive severance pay?

Yes, but your unemployment benefits may be delayed. In a published opinion from the Minnesota Court of Appeals filed today, Menyweather v. Dept. of Employment and Economic Development, File. No. 33318420-3 (Minn. Ct. App. Dec. 7, 2015), the Court affirmed the language of Minn. Stat. 268.085, subd. 3(b): Payments under this paragraph are applied to […]

Have A Workers Comp Claim And The Employer Is Asking You To Resign Or Settle?

Before you agree to resign or settle your workers compensation claim, we recommend you talk to an employment law attorney first. While your employer may present you with an offer to settle your workers compensation claims, the agreement you are presented will often include also settling any employment law claims.   These are claims are in […]

Told Your Job Will Be Eliminated?

If you are told your job will be eliminated, your employer may offer you a severance package.  Before signing anything, it is recommended that you talk to an attorney. Bertelson Law Offices routinely consults with employees who are told their positions will be eliminated. We have over 35 years of combined experience reviewing, evaluating and […]

Considering Quitting Your Job?

Quitting your job has legal and career ramifications.  Quitting can impact your ability to receive unemployment benefits.  It can impact your ability to make an employment law claim and can impact the value of those claims. Despite this, one always needs to consider safety and health which may make quitting the best option. Before quitting […]

Severance Agreements: To Sign or Not to Sign?

Yesterday, Target announced the layoff of 140 more employees.  Similarly, companies routinely lay off employees and provide them with severance agreements. Questions arise about layoffs and whether to sign severance agreements.  Bertelson Law Offices routinely consults with terminated employees. Bertelson Law Offices, P.A. has over 35 years of combined experience reviewing, evaluating and strategically negotiating […]

Don’t Sign A Separation Agreement At The Termination Meeting

Being terminated or laid off is traumatic. If you are offered a separation agreement don’t sign it at the meeting. Take your time. Read it carefully. Consult with an attorney. In most instances, you have at least 21 days to decide if you want to sign it. (The Agreement will set forth the time period […]